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I have two journals that I have created and published through kindle direct publishing.

The Dream Big, Start Small journal is a simple journal with room for maximum creativity.  There are inspirational notes on the bottom of pages that focus on taking small steps to build momentum without getting paralized by perfectionism.  I created this journal as the antidote to the multitude of journals out there espousing toxic positivity and unrealistic expectations.  

My Therapy Journal is a more structured journal with sections including Goals for Therapy, Reading Materials, Mindfulness Practices, Useful Imagery, Cognitive Reframing, Notes from Sessions, Dream Journaling, Journaling Prompts, and Sketch Paper.  The creation of this journal came from a need presented by clients who wanted to be very purposeful in their therapy journey, but who found themselves writing important thoughts from session down on the closest scrap of paper they could find.  This journal is an opportunity to have a place to hold all the imporant nuggets of information gleamed from therapy.