Support for Moms! Pregnancy Therapist Serving Houston TX

Having the right support during pregnancy can be the difference between having a wonderful birth experience and a traumatic one. At Emily Blessinger Counseling, we are here to provide specialized care for new mothers in Houston, Texas. Our practice focuses on women’s issues and perinatal mental health, and our pregnancy therapist would be honored to stand beside you on this journey!

Specialized Therapy for Perinatal Mental Health

Pregnancy can bring a range of emotions and challenges. Whatever you’re experiencing, Emily Blessinger Counseling can help. Emily Blessinger’s expertise in perinatal mood disorders, along with perinatal grief and loss, ensures that you receive compassionate and informed care. We offer several evidence-based therapies to support your well-being, including couples counseling if you would like to involve your partner in your care.

Why Choose Emily Blessinger Counseling?

At Emily Blessinger Counseling, we primarily serve mothers and couples, with extensive experience helping new and established parents through the transition of adding a child to the family. While any therapist can provide a listening ear, a pregnancy therapist is trained to address issues specific to your situation. This may include problems like perinatal anxiety and depression, trauma from previous pregnancies or childbirth, family of origin issues that resurface during pregnancy, relationship stress, and grief from perinatal loss.

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If you're seeking a dedicated pregnancy therapist in Houston, TX, turn to Emily Blessinger Counseling. Contact us today to schedule a session and rest easy knowing you have an expert on your side! We look forward to hearing from you.