Overcoming Stigma and Seeking Help for Pregnancy PTSD

Pregnancy is often portrayed across media as being a joyful and blissful time, but for some individuals, it can be marked by traumatic experiences that lead to pregnancy PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder. At Emily Blessinger Counseling, we understand the importance of breaking the silence surrounding this issue and providing a supportive space for new mothers and parental units navigating the complexities of pregnancy PTSD.

What Is Pregnancy PTSD, and How Does It Happen?

Pregnancy PTSD can occur as a result of traumatic events experienced during pregnancy, childbirth, or the postpartum period. These events may include:

  • Complications During Pregnancy – Emergencies or unexpected medical interventions can cast a traumatic shadow over the entire experience.
  • Traumatic Birth – Prolonged labor, emergency cesarean sections, or witnessing a traumatic event during childbirth can all cause some degree of PTSD.
  • Perinatal Loss – A miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal death often results in trauma and intense feelings of grief and loss for a new parent.
  • Postpartum Complications – Physical health issues, postpartum depression, or challenges in adjusting to parenthood can all contribute to PTSD.

Breaking the Silence and Overcoming Stigma

Society often places unrealistic expectations on motherhood, making it difficult for individuals to speak openly about their struggles. This stigma associated with mental health challenges during and after pregnancy is a significant barrier to seeking help for pregnancy PTSD. It’s time to break that silence and give new mothers the support they need to thrive.

At Emily Blessinger Counseling in Houston, Texas, we aim to shatter the stigma surrounding pregnancy and motherhood and create a safe space for individuals to receive tailored support without judgment. Our perinatal mental health therapist, Emily Blessinger, is trained in trauma-focused therapy and has extensive experience with perinatal mental health challenges, so you will be in good hands. Reach out today to get started.